Bower Media Adventures – CRAWL Magazine Readers Ride

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Bower Media Adventures CRAWL Magazine Readers Ride – with Charlene Bower

CRAWL Readers RideI do a lot of work for the magazines, one of them being CRAWL magazine where it is all about Hardcore Off-road.  This magazine features tube built buggies, rock crawlers, rock racers and of course Jeeps and Toyotas that have a new lease on life. Beyond helping out on the web and print side, we are always excited to get out of the office and hit one of the many CRAWL Readers Rides that happen across the country.  Although we have been to quite a few at different parks, I want to focus today’s story on the Moab Readers Ride at AreaBFE during Easter Jeep Safari Week.  

It always happens on a Tuesday.  I roll out the dirt road to AreaBFE to meet up with John Herrick the magazine’s Editor-in chief, Pam his editor in chief, and usually Lilly the office dog.  John runs around getting the CRAWL booth set up and the supporting advertisers arranged for maximum exposure and then heads to the gate to start greeting people personally.  If you know John, he wants to be everywhere and talk to everyone, he is that kind of an awesome guy.  Meanwhile, as the rigs come in, they decide what group to line up behind.  Picking from a easier trail to the very aggressive and fun buggy trail upper helldorado.  There are lots of rigs that come out every year…some have been at the event multiple years and some are brand new.  It is open to anyone, so if you happen to be in town during Easter Jeep Safari, be sure to put it on your list of things to do – on a Tuesday!  

CRAWL Readers RideThe morning starts with a quick gathering offering hellos, introductions and trail etiquette guidelines.  Then they are off.  Trail by trail the groups leave into the mountains below for a great day.  I usually hang out in the parking area until everyone leaves and then catch a ride down to Upper Helldorado to see the action.  Once I’ve seen a few buggies hit the waterfall, I track back out and head on up to some of the other trails and visit with folks.  At 3pm the free raffle starts where John somehow convinces me to stand on a tire or something tall and awkwardly unsafe and call out numbers and give out really cool prizes.  All you have to do is show up and hang out to win some huge prizes and a LOT of prizes.   Yukon Gear & Axle, SpiderWeb Shade, Clayton Offroad, Axle Offroad, Factor 55, I’m not just a girl, and of course CRAWL Magazine was giving away lots of subscriptions, tshirts, and other goodies. I mean, How could you go wrong?  

From there, it’s up to everyone what they want to do.  Some hang out and go on another trail, some go down into the rock crawl pit to play around and other head back to town.  It really is a great day in the dirt.  Anytime that you have an opportunity to be around the CRAWL crew and attend one of their events, I highly recommend it and I would put a good amount of certainty on me being nearby.  Check out more of the photos and videos at

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