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Weller Racing LogoRacer Name: Corry Weller

Team Name: Weller Racing

Type of Vehicle:

Pro 4 and SR1

Career Highlights:

2011 SR1 Champion
2012 Pro 4 Rookie of the Year
2013 SR1 Champion
2014 SR1 Champion
4 Podiums in Pro 4 Class at LOORS


Weller Corry Head Shot with Background
Corry Weller

Corry Weller started racing motocross in 2001. After doing well at that she started racing UTVs in CORR in 2008. In 2009, Corry started racing in LOORRS in Pro UTV class, then started the SR1 class in LOORRS in2010. Corry won her first Championship in 2011 in the SR1 class. She started racing Pro 4 in 2012 and podiumed twice in her first year, as well as winning Rookie of the Year. Corry raced Pro 4 for three years, before taking this season off to just race SR1s. She is currently chasing THREE Championships in the SR1 class this year!

Corry Q and A:

Q: What was your first off-road vehicle? How old were you?
A: My first off-road vehicle was a 2001 Yamaha Warrior that I bought when I was 29. I told the guy at the dealership that I wanted to race motocross with it, and that’s what he sold me – lol!! I sold it two weeks later to a friend of mine and bought a new Honda 400ex – that was THE quad to race with at the time.

Q: What/Who got you into the offroad world and behind the steering wheel?
A: My dad taught me how to drive when I was really young, so I credit him. My family didn’t race or anything, but he taught me how to drive our boat when I was about 4 or 5, so I could get back to shore if anything ever happened to my parents while we were out on the water. I learned to drive our big Chevy Blazer when I was about 12…..and before that, he’d have me steer when we went 4-wheeling. It just seems like I have always had a steering wheel in my hands. As far as racing goes, I got myself into it and just happened to meet a lot of really great people along the way.

Q: What is your proudest racing moment?
A: Probably winning my first Championship in LOORRS – 2011 SR1 Championship

Q: What are your three most memorable racing moments?
A: The first time I drove a Pro 4 truck, the first time I race my SR1 (after we converted my stock Rhino motor to the R1 motor), and my first podium in Pro 4.

Q: Who has inspired you to your successes? Why?
A: That is always a tough one to answer…..I never really had someone I looked up to or wanted to be like – I just knew that I wanted to do cool stuff and be different, and I really enjoyed racing. But I have to say my parents never told me I couldn’t do something because I was a girl…..they never raised an eyebrow when I wanted to play with Hot Wheels and shoot guns or go fishing. They never said “girls don’t do that”, or “act like a lady”. They just let me be myself and do my thing, and I think that is a huge part of where I am today.

Q: Who do you look upto as a hero in the industry? Why?
A: I don’t have one particular person that I look up to, but I do have a number of fellow racers that I respect for their professionalism, and hard work, and dedication, as well as people who work behind the scenes in the series to make sure we all have a place to race, and make what we do successful.

Q: What is that one moment that you keep replaying in your head? (I should have done this, or turned like that, or last minute race strategy that didn’t work out. Huge challenge or failure.)
A: I don’t really have one – I don’t look backwards, much…….If I make a mistake, I’m pretty quick to put it behind me and move forward. I’m usually thinking about what I’m going to do next time to be better……

Q: Worst wreck? Afterwards, what did it take for you to get back into the car?
A: Oh man, I have two that might tie for the worst. Last year at Glen Helen, I got punted really hard by a fellow racer in my Pro 4, and I snap- rolled about 9 times, barrel rolled clean out of the track and into a ravine. It was by far the most painful and violent wreck I’ve had……broke a rib, a finger, messed up my shoulder, pulmonary contusion and a concussion. We fixed my truck that night, because I had to race the next day……I wrapped my ribs really tight and took a bunch of Ibuprofin and raced it – we were doing good, too until my fuel pump mount broke off from the damage the night before. The other wreck happened a couple of months ago in my SR1. I was hauling a** at about 70mph when the guy right in front of me checked up suddenly on a table top we were both jumping…..I had to get on the brakes on the take-off to avoid landing on him, which immediately sent my SR1 nose down….I endo’d and flipped about 8 times down the whole front straight. Busted the steering wheel clean off, and it went flying out of my car at some point. Seemed like I would never stop rolling. It looked terrible from the stands……concussion, hyperextended my thumb really bad and bruised my lungs again, but we worked that night ALL night to fix my car (we had a race again the next day), and I went back out and WON the whole thing the next day. You have to just put that stuff behind you, and not think about it if you are going to keep racing. If you let it get in your head, you might as well quit racing.

Q: Training regiment? What does your ‘daily grind’ look like?
A: I work out every day. I do CrossFit in the morning, and then I run home from my gym every day, which is a couple of miles. I also eat really clean and only drink on social occasions.

Q: Walk us through getting ready for a typical race? Planning starts how far in advance? Time invested Projects, etc?
A: Well, the truck races take up an incredible amount of time… entire week right after the races we tear down, clean, take apart and fix everything we need to. Usually there is a week where we are ordering parts and making reservations and doing social media/sponsor stuff, and then for two weeks before the next race, we are prepping the truck, putting everything back together, improving things, replacing things, tearing the motor down or checking the trans, etc….body mounted, graphics, etc. Then, you go to the race, come home, and do it all over again. With the SR1, it’s so low maintenance that I just wash it after a race…..and don’t touch it again until about two days before our next one. Seriously…..I might put on some new tires, or redo my graphics if they look a little rough, but it’s just really easy to race the SR1.

Q: How much technology and innovation do you bring into your race team? Do you feel like you are at the front line? Why? Where and how are you developing these ideas?
A: With the SR1, we are pretty up there as far as what we have learned, and how we apply it. It IS a spec class, and an SR1 is a pretty simple vehicle, but we have incorporated the Racepak we used in my Pro 4, and have been using it to help tune and figure out the best fuel mapping, etc for our motors. We share that information with fellow SR1 racers and many of them also now have Racepaks. Other than that, we aren’t really allowed to do anything to our motors, so everything else is pretty much stock. And our chassis are based off of a Yamaha Rhino frame, so we are still racing with 10 year old geometry.

Q: What have you noticed has changed in the offroad industry since you started racing?
A: I haven’t been in it too long compared to a lot of people, so I feel like I’m still learning the industry as a whole. It definitely seems like UTVs are really popular, which is awesome…..

Q: What is a piece of advice that you want to give to the next generation of racers? Pitcrews? Spectator?
A: My advice to the next generation of racers would be to respect your fellow racers, respect the money and work they have put into their programs, and respect them on the track. I have seen a lot of younger racers who haven’t had to work for much go out and destroy other racers’ vehicles, as well as their own, because they don’t have to fix it or pay for it, or even really work for it. That hasn’t really happened to me, but I watch it happen all the time on the track, and it seems more and more racers just don’t give each other the respect they should. Also, respect and appreciate the people that help you get where you are, especially the crew that works on your vehicle so you can go have fun in it.

Q: Duct Tape or Zip Ties? What is the most important thing you’ve reattached with one of the options?
A: Duct tape – pink zebra duct tape, usually. My air hose attachment to the top of my helmet…..when it broke off after a wreck. I have actually done a LOT more with ratchet straps lol!

Q: Do you drive fast everyday, or just at the races?
A: My husband always gives me crap because I drive like a normal person on the streets. Most of the time…..but, if I’m mad or late, the racer comes out and I drive like an a-hole. A fast, aggressive a-hole.

Q: Biggest Pet Peeve while driving on the street everyday?
A: People who CAN’T MERGE onto the freeway when I’m towing a trailer and I have the right of way!! Don’t even get me started on this…..Seriously, I get PO’d just talking about it – lol!

Q: Do you see yourself getting into any other type of racing? If the world revolved around you…what is on your bucket list?
A: I like to continually challenge myself, and learn new things. I like to start with a totally new thing….learn it….then get really good at it. I wouldn’t mind trying rally or road racing – I actually just did some road racing in a Semi Truck – talk about learning something new!! Bucket list would be X-Games RallyCross….that would be amazing!

Q: Craziest Fan Interaction?
A: I’ve had some good ones!! I have the best fans, though……they are SO nice and such fans of off-road as a whole! I had a fan paint his Blazer like my Pro 4 – I though that was pretty crazy! I have a bunch of fans who make replica RC trucks of my Pro 4, too… to see little mini Weller Pro 4’s ripping around!

Q: Pre-Race ritual? Music? Superstition? Warmups?
A: My pre-race ritual is to clean out my seat, get my harnesses all set up and ready for me to get in the truck. Make sure my helmet is clean and my tear-off’s are all on. I like to put some earbuds in and listen to whatever music makes me feel good that day…..I’m a HUGE music person, so the right music can definitely help. I just like to be by myself for a minute, with my music, and imagine how I want the race to go. Then I go out and try to make it happen!

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Optima Batteries, AIRAID, Yamaha Motor Corp, Maxxis Tires, Lucas Oil, Weller Racing, HJC Helmets, SPARCO USA, Action Sports Canopies, Summers Brothers, Raceline Wheels, Pac Racing Springs

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