Clay Egan

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Clay Egan Logo BPHName: Clay Egan

Team Name: Clay Egan Racing

Co-driver and Important Crew:

Nic Jenkins, Tyler Quinn, Chris Delahunty

Type of Vehicle:

Pro Mod 96′ Jeep Cherokee


Clay Egan was in a motorcycle accident going down a small mountain highway in June of 1994. The accident left Clay with a broken neck. His injuries left Clay paralyzed. Despite the devastating injury he was determined to continue racing and became the first quadriplegic to ever compete professionally as a Rock Crawler. Over the years Clay has qualified and competed in 4 Supercrawl World Championships, raced and finished KOH, and has repeatedly placed in the top 10 in the nation against all able-bodied racers.

Since Clay Egan’s introduction to competition rock crawling and his air time on MTV’s Nitro Circus, he has become a fan and media favorite. Clay is one of the most recognized drivers in the world. Now Clay is a published author, motivational speaker, and nationally recognized outdoorsman. Clay shares his inspirational journey with others around the world.

When not doing speaking engagements, Clay Egan enjoys rock crawling and hunting. He loves the outdoors and spends most of his spare time in nature. Clay is also currently working on his second book.

E8 Clay Egan Head Shot with Background
Clay Egan

Q & A with Clay Egan:
Q: What was your first off-road vehicle?
A: Besides my big wheel, 1978 Suzuki RM100 How old were you? 14

Q: What/Who got you into the off-road world and behind the steering wheel?
A: Before my accident just watching my hero’s growing up is what got me into it. (Ricky Johnson, David Bailey, Erik Kehoe, Malcom Smith, Walker Evans) I wanted to be like them.

Q: What is your proudest racing moment?
A: Finishing King Of The Hammers

Q: What are your three most memorable racing moments?
A: They would have to be…

  1. Filming The Tuff Shed Commercial
  2. Driving The Toyo Tower of Terror wall at the UROC Supercrawl in 2005 in Vegas. Only 7 out of 112 made it.
  3. Filming with MTV’s Nitro Circus

Q: Who has inspired you to your successes? Why?
A: My heroes listed above. You grow up watching these guys and as a kid you want to be something great like them. It was a dream since I was young.

Q: Who do you look up to as a hero in the industry? Why?
A: Still Walker Evans. He took me under his wing in the beginning. I did my first TV interview with him back in 2003. I love that guy.

Q:What is that one moment that you keep replaying in your head? (I should have done this, or turned like that, or last minute race strategy that didn’t work out. Huge challenge or failure.)
A: The first time I climbed the big Matterhorn wall in Salt Lake City, in 2005. I made it over the top but ate it on the back side. Too much gas and should have backed off.

Q: Worst wreck?
A: The night I crashed my dirt bike and broke my neck. Although it wasn’t in a race, it took me 20 years to get back on and ride a dirt bike, which I did for my 20 year anniversary to my accident.


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