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Company Name: Bruiser Conversions

Guest: Jeff Garland


Jeff Garland, who describes himself as “a little Jeep crazy”, started Bruiser Conversions as part of his other business, Jeff’s Jeeps.  The idea came to him after he was severely disappointed in the 2007 JK Wrangler’s Power Plan. Bruiser Conversions is the leader in Jeep Conversions. They offer engine conversions including DIESEL, HEMI, and LS options for all years of Wranglers.

Bruiser Conversions started as a way for Jeff to do engine swaps to change the Jeeps over to diesel in order to get the most out of the customers’ Jeeps. Bruiser offers a variety of different conversion options and Jeep upgrades as well.

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Jeff Garland

Jeff and the team at Bruiser take extra care with all of their products and conversions. They spend a lot of extra time carefully developing and testing each and everyone of their products. Bruiser has multiple test vehicles across the continent to try out new developments in every environment and climate imaginable. They are currently expanding to include a manufacturing area as well.

Product Line Categories:

Conversions and Kits

Technology and Innovation:

Diesel, LS, HEMI, JK Crew, 4BT Kit, Hemi Kit

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(727) 449-0800


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