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Learn More About Season 3 Guests:


Amy Lerner -S3 E33-  Link to Show Page  //  Racer Page

Casey Currie -S3 E27-  Link to Show Page

Edgar Conchas -S3 E26-  Link to Show Page

Kevin McCullough -S3 E26-  Link to Show Page

Kevin Yoder -S3 E28-  Link to Show Page

Luis Alberto -S3 E26-  Link to Show Page

Madison Dormack -S3 E24-  Link to Show Page

Pleasant Cook -S3 E28-  Link to Show Page

Rod Hall -S3 E27-  Link to Show Page

Wayland Campbell -S3 E26-  Link to Show Page



Addictive Desert Design, Jared Hare -S3 E25-  Link to Show Page

ADS Racing Shocks, Brian Turner -S3 E25-  Link to Show Page

ARB USA, Matt Glass -S3 E27-  Link to Show Page

Arctic Cat, Craig Kennedy -S3 E23-  Link to Show Page

Artec Industries, Artie Nuttall -S3 E25-  Link to Show Page

Artec Industries, Artie Nuttall -S3 E30-  Link to Show Page  //  Company Page

Bad Ass Unlimited, Scott Theriault -S3 E23-  Link to Show Page

Bend-Tech Software, Ron Dabill -S3 E25-  Link to Show Page

Bestop Inc., Jim Chick -S3 E28-  Link to Show Page

BFGoodrich Tires, Alisha Schultz -S3 E28-  Link to Show Page

Bondurant School of High Performance Driving, Austin Robison -S3 E26-  Link to Show Page

Bower Media, Ben Bower -S3 E28-  Link to Show Page

Brenthel Industries, Jonathan Brenthel -S3 E28-  Link to Show Page

Buckshot Racing, Andrew Buck -S3 E24-  Link to Show Page

Currie Enterprises, John Currie -S3 E28-  Link to Show Page

Custom Built Motors, Bruce McKillop -S3 E24-  Link to Show Page

Dana Spicer Parts, Randall Speir -S3 E28-  Link to Show Page

Desert Toyz Motorsports, Cory Sappington -S3 E26-  Link to Show Page

DG Manufacturing, Donald Kopriva -S3 E25-  Link to Show Page

DragonFire Racing, Chris Moore -S3 E23-  Link to Show Page

Fast-Aid, Jarod Tetzlaff -S3 E25-  Link to Show Page

Fly-n-Hi Total Performance Center, Trisha Hammer -S3 E25-  Link to Show Page

FOX Racing Shox, Wayne Israelsen -S3 E28-  Link to Show Page

Funco Motorsports, Gil George -S3 E24-  Link to Show Page

Geiser Bros, Nick Hatcher -S3 E26-  Link to Show Page

Gibson Exhaust, Shawn Gibson -S3 E23-  Link to Show Page

Gilstrap Motorsports, Clay Gilstrap -S3 E27-  Link to Show Page

Icon Vehicle Dynamics, Tom Waynes -S3 E27-  Link to Show Page

J.E. Reel Driveline, Jim Reel -S3 E28-  Link to Show Page

Jackson Motorsports Group, Nate Hunt -S3 E32-  Link to Show Page  //  Company Page

Jagged X, Justin Schueler -S3 E27-  Link to Show Page

Jamar Performance Products, Don Gehnert -S3 E27-  Link to Show Page

Jesse Haines Fabrication, Jesse Haines -S3 E31-  Link to Show Page  //  Company Page

K.C. HiLiTES, Jason Cobb -S3 E26-  Link to Show Page

Kicker Audio, Seth Enslow -S3 E23-  Link to Show Page

Lazer Star Billet Lights, Suzie Scott-Cusimano -S3 E28-  Link to Show Page

LetzRoll Offroad, Andrew McLaughlin -S3 E26-  Link to Show Page

Local Motors, Buddy Crisp -S3 E25-  Link to Show Page

Lonestar Racing, Dan Fisher -S3 E25-  Link to Show Page

Long Travel Industries, Brian Bennett -S3 E23-  Link to Show Page

MetalCloak, Matson Breakey -S3 E28-  Link to Show Page

MetalCloak, Matson Breakey -S3 E32-  Link to Show Page  //  Company Page

NextLevel Motorsports, Casey Schroeder -S3 E24-  Link to Show Page

OZ Tents, Justin Dowey -S3 E25-  Link to Show Page

Painless Performance Products, Jeff Abbot -S3 E27-  Link to Show Page

PCI Race Radios, Rhiannon Freiley -S3 E25-  Link to Show Page

PJ Performance Products, PJ Jones -S3 E23-  Link to Show Page

Power Tank, Steve Sasaki -S3 E27-  Link to Show Page

PRP Seats, Aaron Wedeking -S3 E23-  Link to Show Page

PSC Motorsports, Tom Allen -S3 E28-  Link to Show Page

Raceline Wheels, Jason Divis -S3 E23-  Link to Show Page

RAW Motorsports, Melanie Cote -S3 E25-  Link to Show Page

RCV Performance Products, John Cacciapaglia -S3 E28-  Link to Show Page

Reach Air Medical Services, Don Wharton -S3 E23-  Link to Show Page

Revolution Gear and Axle, Brook Hilton -S3 E27-  Link to Show Page

Rock Solid Offroad Performance, Tyler Francis -S3 E27-  Link to Show Page

Rockstar Performance Garage, Nic Ashby -S3 E29-  Link to Show Page  //  Company Page

Rugged Radios, Greg Cottrell -S3 E23-  Link to Show Page

Sand Limo, Joe Fab -S3 E23-  Link to Show Page

Savvy Off-Road, Gerald Lee -S3 E27-  Link to Show Page

Schampa, Manuel Donosa -S3 E26-  Link to Show Page

Sierra Expeditions, Wil Kuhns -S3 E25-  Link to Show Page

Speed Energy RMG, Todd Romano -S3 E23-  Link to Show Page

SpeedWerx, Jeremy Houle -S3 E23-  Link to Show Page

sPOD, John Angelastro -S3 E28-  Link to Show Page

StreetGraFX, Sam Breslin -S3 E26-  Link to Show Page

Summit Machine, Julene Judd -S3 E34-  Link to Show Page  //  Company Page

Super ATV, Corey Jackson -S3 E25-  Link to Show Page

SXS Performance, Mike Lasher -S3 E25-  Link to Show Page

TabZone by DTProducts, David Turbyfill -S3 E25-  Link to Show Page

TMW Offroad, Doug Tyler -S3 E26-  Link to Show Page

Torq-Master Industries, Cora Jokinen -S3 E29-  Link to Show Page  //  Company Page

Trail Armor, Aundre Turner -S3 E24-  Link to Show Page

Trailer Legs, Gordon Brand -S3 E23-  Link to Show Page

Tribal Whips, Russ Annis -S3 E24-  Link to Show Page

Turtleback Trailers, Dave Munsterman -S3 E26-  Link to Show Page

UTV Junkies, Mike Hinkley -S3 E27-  Link to Show Page

Vern Lewis Welding Supplies, Kara Robinson -S3 E26-  Link to Show Page

VisionX Lighting, Joe Biro -S3 E25-  Link to Show Page

Weddle Industries, Ron Weddle -S3 E24-  Link to Show Page

Weller Racing, Corry Weller -S3 E25-  Link to Show Page

Yamaha Motor Company, Travis Hollins -S3 E24-  Link to Show Page

Yukon Gear & Axle, Morgan Anderson -S3 E28-  Link to Show Page

Yukon Gear & Axle, Tate Hudson -S3 E33-  Link to Show Page  //  Company Page



Arizona Off-Road and Sand Expo, Andy Myers -S3 E26-  Link to Show Page

Jeepers Jamboree, Bob Sweeney -S3 E27-  Link to Show Page

Lucas Oil Off Road Racing, Ken Johnson -S3 E28-  Link to Show Page

Off Road Expo, Doc Riley -S3 E28-  Link to Show Page

Sand Sports Super Show, Shawn Parker -S3 E24-  Link to Show Page

SCORE International, Roger Norman -S3 E27-  Link to Show Page

SCORE International, Jim Ryan -S3 E30-  Link to Show Page  //  Event Page

Sonora Rally, Darren Skilton -S3 E27-  Link to Show Page

Stadium Super Truck Series, Robby Gordon -S3 E23-  Link to Show Page

Winter 4×4 Jamboree, Jeff Beiber -S3 E34-  Link to Show Page  //  Link to Guest Page


Land Use:

Bill Kassler, Tierra Del Sol -S3 E27-  Link to Show Page

Bob Mason, American Sand Association -S3 E25-  Link to Show Page

Chris Gammage, BLM OVH Ambassador -S3 E26- Link to Show Page

Danielle Patterson, Oceano Dunes SVRA -S3 E23-  Link Show Page

John Herrick, CRAWL Magazine -S3 E33-  Link to Show Page  //  Guest Page

John Stewart, 4×4 Wire -S3 E31-  Link to Show Page  //  Guest Page

Matt Eberhart, Arizona Game and Fish Department -S3 E26-  Link to Show Page

Neil Hamada, BLM El Centro Field Office -S3 E23-  Link to Show Page

Nicole Nicholas Gilles, American Sand Association -S3 E24-  Link to Show Page

Steve Garnier, California Four Wheel Drive Association -S3 E24-  Link to Show Page

Tim Gantz, Glamis Sand Dunes -S3 E24-  Link to Show Page

Tom Sullivan, BFGoodrich Tires Outstanding Trails Awards -S3 E27-  Link to Show Page

Tom Sullivan, Outstanding Trails Program -S3 E29-  Link to Show Page  //  Guest Page



CRAWL Magazine, John Herrick -S3 E27-  Link to Show Page

Four Wheeler Network, Rick Pewe -S3 E28-  Link to Show Page

Rennsport Group, Marty Fiolka -S3 E31-  Link to Show Page  //  Company Page


Bower Media Adventures:

Behind the Scenes at the Shows -S3 E30-  Link to Show Page  //  Story

Durhamtown Off-Road Resort -S3 E32-  Link to Show Page  //  Story

The SEMA Show -S3 E33-  Link to Show Page  //  Story


Tech and Tools:

Buggy Steering and Front End  -S3 E29-  Link to Show Page  //  Tech and Tools

Driveshafts -S3 E31-  Link to Show Page  //  Tech and Tools


Offroaders Rock:

Brett Robinson, Race for the Wounded -S3 E25-  Link to Show Page

Nate Ramos, 4 Wheel to Heal -S3 E32-  Link to Show Page  // Guest Page

Stacie Albright, California Wildfires -S3 E30-  Link to Show Page  //  Guest Page

Will Overton, Ace Racing -S3 E34-  Link to Show Page  //  Guest Page


Press Release:

Bower Power Hour Season 3 Concludes with 131 Amazing Guests

MESA, ARIZONA   NOVEMBER 26, 2015: Bower Power Hour Concludes its third season with an astounding twelve hours of content spread across 6 weeks, bring the grand total of guests to appear on the show during Season 3 to 131guests. Since it first released nearly six months ago, Bower Power Hour has featured 36 hours of information with 199 total guests. A special Season 3 Recap Video and podcast is now available, highlighting a snippet of each guests from this seasons’ shows. All links to the Season 3 Recap show along with links to each past guest’s page, is available at:

“I am tremendously impressed with how Season 3 turned out! We tackled a huge project by taking Bower Power Hour on the road to record at the industry shows, and I think it turned out great,” said Charlene Bower, Host and Executive Producer. “It amazes me that we covered 131 guests in such a short span of time. With nearly 200 guest interviews under our belt, I still feel as though we have barely even scratched the surface of the off-road industry. That alone shows just how impressive and deep of an industry the off-road world is! It is my goal to continue to dive deeper into off-roading and bring viewers every little bit of information I discover.”

“This show would never have been possible without my Bower Media team, including Producer Gabriel Arnn, who very patiently took Bower Power Hour on the road with me, and Production Manager Shelby Benson. 30Pack Matt Hinitt, my parents Ben & Deanna, and my brother Brent, have always stood behind or beside me as I have grown Bower Media. Our partners BFGoodrich Tires, Discount Tire, Kicker Audio and the Mopar Pennzoil Express Lane, and the great folks behind each of those company names, who have continued to believe in and support this project,” continued Bower. “Also, I sincerely want to thank each of you for watching or listening and enjoying these shows. I’m not doing these shows for me, I’m doing this for you! If you have any questions or guest suggestions, please never hesitate to reach out via our website and click on “Let’s Chat” to send me an email, or go to any of our social media sites and message me. We are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter almost everyday. We love to hear your feedback and ideas!”

There are multiple ways to watch and listen to the show including YouTube, Vimeo, iTunes, SoundCloud, Spreaker, Stitcher, Tune In and more. Please feel free to share or embed the show as you would like. Dive in and learn more about each guest, and see all the watch and listen links at

Season 3 guests include: Winter 4×4 Jamboree, Jeff Beiber; Summit Machine, Julene Judd; Ace Racing, Will Overton; Team Lerner, Amy Lerner; Yukon Gear & Axle, Brian “Tate” Hudson; CRAWL Magazine, John Herrick; Jackson Motorsports Group, Nate Hunt; MetalCloak, Matson Breakey; 4 Wheel to Heal, Nate Ramos; The Rennsport Group, Marty Fiolka; Jesse Haines Fabrication, Jesse Haines; John Stewart, 4×4 Wire; SCORE International, Jim Ryan; Artec Industries, Artie Nuttall; Stacie Albright; Rockstar Performance Garage, Nic Ashby; Torq-Masters Industries (Aussie Locker), Cora Jokinen; BFGoodrich Tires Outstanding Trails Program, Tom Sullivan; PSC Motorsports, Tom Allen; MetalCloak, Matson Breakey; RCV Performance Products, John Cacciapaglia; sPOD, John Angelastro; Brenthel Industries, Johnathan Brenthel; Yoder Racing, Kevin Yoder; Currie Enterprises, John Currie; Spicer Parts, Randall Speir; Bestop Inc., Jim Chick; Lazer Star Billet Lights, Suzie Scott-Cusimano; BFGoodrich Tires, Alisha Schultz; Four Wheeler Network, Rick Pewe; J.E.Reel Driveline, Jim Reel; Fox Racing Shox, Wayne Isrealsen; Yukon Gear & Axle, Morgan Anderson; Southern Crush, Pleasant Cook; Bower Media, Ben Bower; Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo, Doc Riley; Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing, Ken Johnson; Icon Vehicle Dynamics, Tom Waynes; Painless Performance Products, Jeff Abbot; Savvy Offroad, Gerald Lee; Rock Solid Offroad Performance, Tyler Francis; ARB USA, Matt Glass; CRAWL Magazine, John Herrick; BFGoodrich Tires Outstanding Trail Awards, Tom Sullivan; Casey Currie Racing, Casey Currie; Rod Hall Racing, Rod Hall; Jagged X, Justin Schueler; Power Tank, Steve Sasaki; SCORE International, Roger Norman; Revolution Gear & Axle, Brook Hilton; UTV Junkies, Mike Hinkley; Sonora Rally, Darren Skilton; Gilstrap Motorsports, Clay Gilstrap: Tierra Del Sol, Bill Kassler; Jeepers Jamboree, Bob Sweeney; Geiser Brothers, Nick Hatcher; TMW Offroad, Doug Tyler; Racer Kevin McCullough; Matt Eberhart, Arizona Game and Fish Department; Andrew McLaughlin, Letzroll Offroad; the Premium Coach Group; Austin Robison, the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving; Chris Gammage, the BLM OHV Ambassadors; Dave Munsterman, Turtleback Trailers; Yamaha Motor USA; Kara Robinson, Vern Lewis Welding Supply; Buddy Crisp, Local Motors Drift Trike display; Cory Sappinton, Dezert Toys Motorsports; Luis Alberto and Edgar Conchas, North Shore Drag Racing; Wayland Campbell, Campbell Racing; Manuel Donosa, Schampa; Sam Breslin, Street GraFX; Andy Meyers, Arizona Off-Road and Sand Show; Jason Cobb, KC Highlights; Wil Kuhns, Sierra Expeditions; Rhiannon Freily, PCI Race Radios; Bob Mason, American Sand Association; Brian Turner, ADS Racing Shocks; Brett Robinson, Race for the Wounded; Buddy Crisp, Local Motors; Corry Weller, Weller Racing; Jarod Tetzlaff, Fast-Aid; Donald Kopriva, DG Manufacturing; Trisha Hammer, Fly-n-Hi Total Performance Centers; Dan Fisher, Lonestar Racing; Melanie Cote, RAW Motorsports; Justin Dowey, OZ Tents; Corey Jackson, SuperATV; Ron Dabill, Bend-Tech Software; Nate Price, Artec Industries; Joe Biro, VisionX; Jared Hare, Addictive Desert Designs; David Turbyfill, Tab Zone by DTProducts; Mike Lasher from SXS Performance; Ron Weddle, Weddle Industries; Bruce McKillop, Custom Built Motors; Steve Helms, PipeMaster; Russ Annis, Tribal Whips; Casey Schroeder, NextLevel Motorsports; BFGoodrich Tires; Travis Hollins, Yamaha Motor Company; Aundre Turner, Trail Armor; Steve Garnier, California Four Wheel Drive Association; Madison Dormack, MORE Powder Puff Race Towards a Cure; Shawn Parker, Sand Sports Super Show; Gil George, Funco Motorsports; Don Gehert, Jamar Performance Products; Andrew Buck, Buckshot Racing; Tim Gantz, Glamis Mayor; Nicole Nicholas Gilles from the American Sand Association; Trailer Legs, Gordon Brand; Oceano Dunes SVRA, Danielle Patterson; Sand Limo, Joe Fab; Bad Ass Unlimited, Scott Theriault; Gibson Exhaust, Shawn Gibson; Raceline Wheels, Jason Divis; Long Travel Industries, Brian Bennett; Kicker Audio, Seth Enslow; Arctic Cat, Robby Gordon; SpeedWerx, Jeremy Houle; SPEED RMG, Todd Romano and Robby Gordon; PRP Seats, Aaron Wedeking; Reach Air Medical Services, Don Wharton; BLM El Centro Field Office, Neil Hamada; DragonFire Racing, Chris Moore; Stadium Super Trucks, Robby Gordon; PJ Performance Products, PJ Jones; and Rugged Radios, Greg Cottrell.

Season 3 also featured Tech and Tools segments on; Buggy Front End, Steering, and Driveshafts by 30pack Matt. Along with Charlene’s Bower Media Adventures to: The 2015 SEMA Show, Behind the Scenes at the Shows, and Durhamtown Off-Road Resort. Bower Power Hour is hosted by Charlene Bower.

Bower Power Hour gives you an in depth look at racers, events, businesses, land issues, tech and other aspects to bring you the nitty-gritty news of the entire off-road lifestyle that we all love. Hosted by Charlene Bower, owner of Bower Motorsports Media, the guest list is extensive and energetic from all aspect of the off-road industry.  The stories are fun and filled, with in-depth conversations about technology and innovation. Our national partners include BFGoodrich Tires, Discount Tire, Kicker and Pennzoil who have made the Bower Power Hour possible. Please utilize the Let’s Chat page to reach out to us with questions and guest requests.

A new episode will be launched every Tuesday and Thursday. Please join our conversations on,,, or







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