Bower Media Adventures – Ladies Co-Driver Challenge

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I’m really excited about this project. Ladies Co-Driver Challenge

I will be doing three events this year

Rally Venture out of Reno
36 hours of Uwharrie in North Carolina
And the REbelle Rally a 10 day adventure from South Lake Tahoe to San Diego.

But that isn’t really the whole story, the real exciting part is that you could be my co-driver.

I could potentially could power pack my vehicle with anyone for these events, but I don’t want to. I want those that may not otherwise have the opportunity to be part of it.  No, you don’t have to know how to drive, or be offroad fluent. You don’t have to have a vehicle, or take tons of time off. What you do need to do is have the will to finish and to be successful. You need to be able to say, I can do this and I want to do this.

Ladies Co-Driver ChallengeThe entry is very simple, there is a quick form that needs to be filled out on bower media tours dot com. Most of it is your contact information and then there are a few questions about what you can bring to the team. There is more that knowing how to pull winch cable or how to recover a vehicle. You do have skills. I ask for three pictures, one of which I need to be able to see your face, and the others are fine to be fun to your choosing.  

You have until April 10th to get on my radar. We will then go into a social media contest where one of the photos will be posted to have your friends help  you get to the next level.  They will tell me through this that they believe in you! I will interview the top group and choose 8 finalists that will be invited to Arizona for a weekend of challenges where we will learn and work on recoveries.

After that weekend I will be able to decipher who will best compliment me at each of the events. Yes, there will be three ladies chosen at the end. If you are listening to this and it is after the April deadline, your time has not been wasted, I encourage you to follow along as we complete our adventures and cheer us on.  It is going to be an epic year of learning, friendships and challenges!

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