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Bower Media Adventures Bower Media Calendars – with Charlene Bower

E36 CalendarLet me start by telling you about a disaster.  We don’t always have disasters around here, but when we do, they are BIG! Nothing can ever be easy!

We work really hard to put together our calendars with all the most up to date information including as many race and event dates as possible.  What that does though, is push our print date to the very last minute possible in December.  We send out our calendars with CRAWL magazine, so his deadline is basically my deadline.  This year, everything was going great and was in process to get printed and shipped perfectly.  No stress and no drama.  Until I got the call.  The printer had printed them upside down and backwards!  Yes, if you look at a calendar they are printed and then stapled, well someone along the way flipped the January and December pages!  They were just about ready to send them out, so instead they hauled them to the dumpster and started over again!  Of course, this was Christmas week, so nothing was happening fast to get the paper back in or the print redone, it was a slow re-do process.  It was after the first of January when a truck could get and deliver my pallets worth of calendars to me and the magazine went out a couple days later than anticipated… but at the end of the day, that is the fun story behind the very awesome calendars that we have available for everyone.  

E37 CalendarWhen you take some time to really look at them, there are the standard holidays, fun holidays, races, events, shipping dates and motivational quotes.  What I call the Big Kids Calendar – or the standard adult calendar has a little different flare to it this year following our very popular Inspirational Dirt theme. I am also very happy to announce that the  The kids coloring and activity is calendar is back again this year!  kids have the opportunity to color the very cool offroad vehicle and then have mom or dad post it on social media with the months hashtag.  Post it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Any or all will work. By using the hashtag, we are able to find the photo and log it into our spreadsheet.  At the end of the month, all the artists are put into a hat and one name is drawn out. What do they win? An Axial RC Car!  Axial has partnered with me again this year to send another 12, $400 plus dollar RC Cars out to kids that commit to playing with us.  It has been a great project to date and really looking forward to continuing it!

While we are on the topic of thanking folks, we do have multiple partners that help us fund the printing so it can be free for you to enjoy including bfgoodrich tires, genright offroad, yukon gear and axle, warn winches, raceline wheels, crawl magazine, axial Racing, southern rock racing, amanda products, and the Race Team Store.  of course we also donate our Bower Media time so include I’m not just a girl, bower power hour, offroad newswire, bower media school of professional marketing and the offroad shirt & swag club and the i’m not just a girl club.  

E38 CalendarI hope that if you received your CRAWL magazine that you have been able to look over the calendars, or maybe you recently found them at a local shop that we sent them to.  Or, if you haven’t found any around town yet, you can purchase online at the Race Team Store – it’s free shipping.  I’ll tell you a secret – if you order one, I will send you a couple so you can share with your friends or put the second one at work.  We always add in extra things when you order from the Race Team Store!  

Another note about the calendar is we get updates every day.  Our online calendar is updated with these events daily.  To see the latest and most extensive list of events be sure to visit Bower Media Calendar dot com.  If you are interested in hosting this calendar on your website, please reach out and we can send you the code.  The more places it is available, the more folks can join us at all these great events!  Also if you are hosting an event, be sure to send us your information and links so we can post.  Ok, so get yourself a calendar and encourage the kids around you to post their pictures.

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