Bower Media Adventures – Behind the Scenes of Show Season

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Bower Media Adventures Behind the Scenes of Show Season – with Charlene Bower

Truck Talk 1For this Bower Media Adventure, I am going to tell you about what has gone on behind the scenes of the last few episodes of the show that took lace at various off-road shows. It’s what I refer to as show season. It’s fun and exhausting all at the same time! So now I am going to take you behind the scenes of show season.

We started out at the Sand Sports Super Show in Costa Mesa California. I was loving the Southern California weather after being in Arizona for the summer, the warm days and cool nights are especially thankful. I’ve been going to this show for 16 years straight, with no breaks…yes, crazy to think. I can remember when it was small, when it blossomed into the huge shows in the 2005 arena and then shrunk to a show that everyone said would stop after the 2008 economy crash. This year was as strong as ever; the showroom floors were sold out to vendors and the stands of the Stadium Super Trucks races were crowded. The Sand and UTV folks packed the aisles and I was happy to see vendors too busy to chat with us as they were taking orders from customers. That is one thing I will never do, I will never interrupt a sale. I walk into the booth, We make eye contact, I say I’ll be back and we all understand each other. It was a great weekend.

Truck Talk 2The very next weekend we were excited to be close to home at the Arizona Offroad and Sand Expo. It’s not really correct to call it a first time show, because it is really a continuation of a very successful show that Andy shut down in 2008. With a bit of a name change to include the off-road group and a new location to Westworld of Arizona, where Barret Jackson is held. We all held our breath alongside Andy to see the success of the show. Hands down, Arizona folks were stoked to have the show back. The ticket sales exceeded Andy’s expectations and all the vendors that were happy to be back were ecstatic with the results. I can’t let any kitty cats out of the bag, but I do know that Andy has a lot up his sleeve for next year already, so be sure to put the date on your calendar to visit a warm September Arizona show!

Lastly we walked the 10 acres of the Off Road Expo in Pomona, California the following weekend. The Off Road Expo is the Meca of offroad shows, new products are released and show vehicles are shined up and ready to be shown off.  Proving for the third weekend in a row that the Off Road industry is strong and everyone is enjoying the trails, the show was sold out and the aisles were full of families buying parts for their jeeps or working on their race cars.  One of the fun pieces to the Off Road Expo is the amount of activities that happen within the space including watching the Lucas Oil Off-Road Trucks and the jeeps run across the Rubicon Trail display. A well known industry secret is the Sheraton Bar.  If you want to know where the industry goes after hours and want to co mingle with some of the top racers, that is the place to be…and of course we were there too. I think the most fun part of the weekend was the 10 minutes in the truck when we started to leave the show. If you haven’t caught my impromptu “in the truck” segments at the end of the last few shows, be sure to do so. It is raw, unedited, when I take you in the truck and on a trip with me!

To wrap up, I’ll have to say that at each of these events I really enjoy seeing all of my industry friends and wheeling friends that I have met over the years.  Yes, it is a busy time, and yes I think we hiked 20 miles with heavy video equiptment over the three weekends, Thanks Gabe!, but I always had time to say hi and give a quick but meaningful hug to a friend.  That is what show season is for me really.  The opportunity to see friends and support their endeavors and businesses.

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