Offroaders Rock – Baby Liam’s Give Back Jeep Build

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Featured Greg Henderson with Background BPH E16Project Name: FrankenBrute

Guests: Greg Henderson

Important Crew: Greg Henderson

Build For: Baby Liam


Baby Liam’s Story:

Baby Liam’s Give Back Jeep Build, the FrankenBrute, was born out of tragedy. When Liam was only 7 months old he was rushed to the hospital from his daycare. His skin had turned blue and his eyes were swollen shut. For hours his parents were unable to see their child as doctors and nurses rushed around trying desperately to figure out what was wrong. A CT Scan revealed massive bleeding in poor Liam’s brain. His parents were informed that their child was suffering from major retinal hemorrhaging as well as brain hemorrhaging and the next 24 hours would be very critical in determining Liam’s survival. Baby Liam underwent more tests, was placed on a ventilator, and had surgery to place a pressure monitor inside his brain before he was placed in a medically induced coma in order to prevent further brain damage.

Then next morning, one of Liam’s surgeons informed his parents that the diagnosis was sever Traumatic Brain Injury, also known as Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS). When Baby Liam was finally released from the hospital weeks after being admitted he was blind due to the retinal hemorrhaging, and paralyzed on the left side of his little body. The excessive brain damage also meant that Liam had lost everything he learned up till that fateful day.  His doctors weren’t hopeful and warned his parents that the situation may never improve.

Liam proved them wrong. He regained most of his eyesight, though he has to wear glasses now, and has regained most use of his left side. Though he will never be able to participate in sports or any other activities that might include rapid acceleration and deceleration of his brain.  They won’t know for many years how badly his cognitive abilities were affected, but Liam continues to amaze his doctors, therapists, and parents.

Due to a lack of physical evidence, Liam’s attacker was never brought to justice or prosecuted.Unfortunately, like many of the children who are affected by SBS, Liam was unable to identify his attacker. Without a confession, often times no one is ever found guilty or prosecuted and the family of the child is left to bear the burden of another individual’s heartless actions.

The FrankenBrute BPH E16

The FrankenBrute:

The FrankenBrute was Greg Henderson’s idea to help his son. The monster Jeep was created from a 2006 Wrangler TJ, an AEV Brute, and a 1949 Willy’s Pick Up Truck. The FrankenBrute is a blend of these three vehicles, stealing designs from each, in order to build a one of a kind “Recovery Vehicle” to help children everywhere, but one in particular. Greg’s son. The idea of the FrankenBrute has been rolling around in his mind for a couple of years, but Greg never thought that he would really build it. Then one day (a year and a half, after Liam was injured) a friend mentioned that he should hold a fundraiser to help with Liam’s recovery. He called one of the top 4×4 destinations in his home state ( rocks&valleys ) to question them about holding a fundraiser for Baby Liam, and was given a date 3.5 months out. Thus the FrankenBrute was born.

While discussing the date of the fundraiser with a friend later that week, another friend mentioned that Greg should also build a Jeep to raffle off. And so it began, within two weeks he had a plan and was getting ready to make a 700 mile round trip to round up the major body parts that would start the project. The major part of the build took 3 months of nights and weekends, with a bunch of help from  some great friends, and a ton of companies. In fact most of the major parts that became the FrankenBrute where donated. Lights from Truck-Lite, Dana 60 and 70 axles from RockSolid Performance, Atlas transfer case, PitBull tires, Leather seats, sPOD, Poison Spyder Custom’s fenders, Premier Power Welder, Superwinch winch, Matrix paint, Tom Woods Custom Driveshafts, BDS, and many more items were all donated to help build this one of a kind Jeep.

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