Arizona Off-Road and Sand Expo

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Arizona Off-Road & Sand Expo Logo-01Event Name: Arizona Off-Road and Sand Expo

Date: September 25, 26, and 27th, 2015

Location: WestWorld Scottsdale, Arizona

Guest: Andy Myers

Featured Andy Meyers with Background BPH Ep 15
Andy Myers

Event Description:

The Arizona Off-Road and Sand Expo is a three-day extravaganza full of vendors and exciting new products. originally just the Arizona Sand Show, Andy has brought back the the Show to include all aspects of the off-road world. Andy has turned the Arizona Off-Road and Sand Expo into a family-friendly weekend event. Not only are there booths galore, but the Expo also has a monster truck ride for the kids, and Andy is also looking at adding a carnival to the roster to make the Expo even more appealing to off-road and sand families.

Andy told Bower Power hour that the Arizona Off-Road and Sand Expo has surpassed his expectations so far. When he revived the Expo, his initial hope was to have 80 vendors at the show, the Expo is now at 164 and growing! The whole Expo is now expanded out to the outdoors area to allow for more vendors to join.

It’s not just the Arizona Off-Road and Sand Expo anymore either, the Expo is now combined with the Arizona RV and Trailer Expo as well! You can bet that this will be a fun filled and exciting three days packed to the brim with all sorts of activities and vendors.

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Monster Energy, and O’Reilly Auto Parts

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