Offroaders Rock – An Action Trackchair for David Adams

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David Featured Head Shot with Background BPH E18Project Name: An Action Trackchair for David

Guests: David Adams

Important Crew: Misty Adams, and the Off-road Community

For: David Adams


Misty and David Adams were introduced to the Action Trackchair by Randy and Cottin Rodd from Jimmy’s 4×4. After using the demo for a day, Misty decided that she was going to find a way to get the chair for David. After contacting insurance and finding out that the Action Tackchair would not be covered in anyway, Misty began a Gofundme campaign. Their friends in the wheeling community really stepped up and within two months of starting the campaign they had raised enough to purchase the chair.

Thanks to the generous outpouring of support from the Off-Road community, David is able to hike and explore with his family once again. Where he was limited by distance and accessibility before, David’s Action Trackchair allows him to cross any sort of terrain at any angle, safely.

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