Alexis Nelson from ORBA and Lat + Long Resource Group

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ORBA logoOrganization Name: The Off-Road Business Association (ORBA) and Lat + Long Resource Group


“No sales, no trails.”

Guest: Alexis Nelson


Alexis is one determined chick when it comes to helping land use issues and resolutions move forward in the off-road community. The legal and financial aspect of the land use fight involves a lot of paper pushing, and filling out form after form. Alexis and the Lat + Long Resource Group specializes in grant writing and facilitation, with the idea of helping organizations reach their goals through specific and targeted results.

Alexis ORBA Headshot with Background
Alexis Nelson

With ORBA, Alexis specifically helps the operational perspective by providing services that encompasses anything from strategic planning to working with the One Voice community. You can also see some of her work as a contributing author in ORBA’s publication, the National Advocate.

Alexis has been a member of the offroad community, specifically the snow-mobile community, for most of her life. She currently works as both an advocate and representative of the OHV and snow community, which has suffered some major losses after a very mild winter. Clubs and businesses saw a 20% drop during the season.

Like ORBA, she and the Lat + Long Resource Group are focused on keeping off-roaders educated and supporting the industry even in hard times. Like the ORBA slogan, “no sales, no trails,” off-road businesses and clubs rely on the continued support of enthusiasts. There will always be the costs of doing business and keeping the trails open and maintained regardless of if the trail is being used at the present time.

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