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4W2H Logo BPH E31Project Name: 4 Wheel to Heal (4W2H)


The injured and disabled veterans of the United States

Guest Name: Nate Ramos


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Nate Ramos

4 Wheel to Heal (4W2H) is dedicated to taking wounded and disabled veterans, from all branches of military service, to off-roading events. These events involve; four wheeling, rock crawling, mud bogging, shooting and camping. The mission at 4W2H is to boost morale for these veterans and give them an experience they will never forget. 4 Wheel to Heal provides this service to veterans through the help of donations and merchandise sales. Money raised helps pay for food, registration fees, and lodging.

4 Wheel to Heal is a completely non-profit organization. Using social media and word of mouth, 4W2H reaches out and connects with veterans across the country to provide them with their own memorable and morale-boosting camping experience. The events depend on volunteer staff to set up the event, drive the veterans, organize the events’ logistics, and make sure the whole thing run smoothly to create the best off-road camping experience for veterans.

Nate Ramos is the Executive Director of 4 Wheel to Heal, as well as on of the co-founders. Nate, like most of his fellow board members, is a veteran himself.

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