2016 Sand Sports Super Show


bmm-promo-ssssBower Power Hour is going on the road again to bring you live interviews with industry leaders via Facebook. The 18th Annual Sand Sports Super Show (September 16-18, 2016) will kick off this new show format. It was created in 1999 to support sand sports manufacturers and vendors, and to help raise awareness for the closures of several riding areas. The Sand Sports Super Show is the world’s biggest sand expo and serves as the kick off for the off-road show season!

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Live Interview Schedule

Friday, September 16th

6:00 PM – Watch the Video

Live from 4 Wheel Parts and UTVUnderground.com Garage Kickoff …Live from 4 Wheel Parts and UTVUnderground.com Garage Kickoff Party during the 2016 Sand Sports Super Show! Interviews with Greg Adler, Matt Martelli, Joey DiGiovanni and MORE!

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Saturday, September 17th

10:00 AM – Watch the Video

SXS Performance & CAL4 Wheel + more at the Sand Sports Super Show

Posted by Bower Power Hour on Saturday, September 17, 2016

SXS PERFORMANCE with Matt Lasher

Posted by Bower Power Hour on Saturday, September 17, 2016

LIVE! at SXSPerformance.com with Matt Lasher talking about his new racecar at the Sand Sports Super Show.
“When we’re racing hundreds of miles and winning by seconds, we have to hve the bet of the best and this car is pretty dialed in,” said Matt Lasher.

12:30 PM – Watch the Video

Lots of Guests in Building 10 at the Sand Sports Super Show

Posted by Bower Power Hour on Saturday, September 17, 2016

2:00 PM – Watch the Video

Artic Cat, Robby Gordon and more!

Posted by Bower Power Hour on Saturday, September 17, 2016

LIVE! featuring Robby Gordon revealing and talking about the Arctic Cat Wildcat X with RG Pro Suspension as part of Arctic Cat Wildcat UTV‘s 2017 new product roll-out.  They will be racing them in the UTV Class at the Stadium Super Trucks!

Time Outline & Info:

:15 – Todd Romano
1:32 – Robby Gordon partnership with Arctic Cat & Information about vehicle
6:47 – One on One with Robby walking around the vehicle
“We are racing stock engines against race cars in tonights Stadium Super Trucks, but it’s because of the handling that we will be able to keep up.” – Robby Gordon

3:00-5:00 PM – Watch the Video

Ladies Offroad Social with Charlene Bower at the Arctic Cat Booth

Ladies Offroad Social at Arctic Cat – Sand Show

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6:30 PM – Watch the Video

Buckshot Racing and more at Sand Sports Super Show

Posted by Bower Power Hour on Saturday, September 17, 2016

LIVE! (timeline below) featuring an amazing 2000 hsp sandcar built by Buckshot Racing! We wonder into the Walker Evans Racing booth, check out some BFGoodrich Tires on the UTV, then we check out Lokomoto alcohol drag Quads! This is a show of EPIC!!!

Time Outline & Info:

:38 – Buckshot Racing Newest version of the X2. Can-Am Off-Road lights started the build, followed by the Corvette hood panel and Chevy Trucks windshield. The CBM Motorsports 454 Twin Turbo is estimated to put out 2000 hsp! The car is coming in just under 3000 lbs with King Off-Road Racing Shocks, Albins Transmission, PCI Race Radios, SSV Works, Simpson Race Products and KC HiLiTES, Inc. among many other quality parts!
19:56 – Walker Evans Racing Shocks and Wheels. The Polaris RZR features the BFGoodrich UTV Tires!!
22:15 – PipeMaster   http://www.pipemastertools.com
22:46 – Jamar Brakes  http://www.jamarperformance.com
23:02 – Lokomoto North Shore Drag Racing     https://www.facebook.com/nsdr.lokomoto

Sunday, September 18th:

10:00 AM – Watch the Video

Kicker, Raceline Wheels and Mire ftom the Sand Sports Super Show

Posted by Bower Power Hour on Sunday, September 18, 2016


Time Outline & Info:

Intro at Can-Am Off-Road and Yamaha Motor USA (watch for these interviews in upcoming weekends!)
:34 – Long Travel Industries – Suspension for SXS’s   https://www.longtravelindustries.com
1:49 Gibson Performance Exhaust    http://gibsonperformance.com
2:39 – Glamis Sand Dunes Storage    https://www.glamisdunesstorage.com
3:10 – Raceline Wheels / Team Raceline – Featuring MATCHING wheels for your Truck, UTV, Trailer, Sand Car, etc   http://www.racelinewheels.com
5:59 – We catch Sheri walking by from S&S Off Road Magazine  https://ssorm.com and talk about their kids program Thundering Trails  https://thunderingtrails.wordpress.com (be sure to look this up and support!) 
6:30 – Damzl Inc.    http://www.damzl.com
6:40 – KICKER   www.Kicker.com
7:39 – Mac’s Tie Downs – You need quality tie downs for your ride. Check out the new system they have for UTV’s (and trucks!)   http://www.macscustomtiedowns.com
15:00 – SSV Works – excited to announce their partnership with Kicker!   http://www.ssvworks.com
19:43 – Wired for Sound Motorsports gives us a tour of Jeremy McGrath‘s Kool School Bus!! www.wiredforsoundmotorsports.com
23:39 – Chris and I talk about the Kicker Giveaway speaker (It really is cool!!)   www.Kicker.com
27:05 – RJ Anderson is on the scene talking about his recent WORKS Win and how he is truck and desert racer, but is more commonly known for his XPK1 videos!   http://rj37.com/1-home.html
28:53 – Bryan from Kicker Personal Audio fills us in on more news from the company. + We give a testimonial on how 30-Pack Matt uses his bluetooth Ear Buds…which we will be giving a set away next weekend during our coverage!!!    www.Kicker.com

2:00 PM – Watch the Video

ASA Giveaway and more from the Sand Sports Super Show

Posted by Bower Power Hour on Sunday, September 18, 2016

LIVE! (timeline below) American Sand Association Giveaway compliments of Polaris Industries and DragonFire Racing + they reveal the 2017 giveaway compliments of Polaris RZR and SDR MOTORSPORTS. THEN…AMAZING SHOW STOPPING Bugs at Sand Limo By Joefab + we talk to Sarg at MTX Audio USA and KC HiLiTES, Inc., check out the ICON Vehicle Dynamics Jeep and more from the Sand Sports Super Show! Yes, we did finally find Nicole, who was calling the winner Brian W. from Phoenix, the very excited winner of the new RZR!!! Purchase your tickets for this year at www.asasand.org

Time Outline & Info:

0:37 – Tatum Motorsports Trucks  www.tatummotorsports.com
2:26 – The 2016 American Sand Association Giveaway Car – Polaris RZR, RideNow Powersports, DragonFire Racing, Fox Racing Shox, Wolf Designs

4:29 – Brian Henry takes the mic: Over 14 Years the ASA has spent 2 million dollars to get back 40,000 acres figiting a group that has 100 paid members, 50 of which are attorneys, and spent 13 million dollars. “We’ve been fighting, and we have had victories! We do need your help. This fundraiser is our primary souce of funding to hire lawyers and scientists to continue these fights”

7:00 – Reveal 2017 Polaris RZR 4 Seater by SDR Motorsports.
8:25 – Emily with DragonFire Racing  www.dragonfireracing.com
9:12 – Brandon from Polaris   www.polaris.com

10:25 – Winning Ticket – Brian W. – Phoenix AZ

11:30 – Introduction of 17th Giveaway: 2017 Polaris RZR, Outfitted by SDR MOTORSPORTS, Assault Industries UTV, DragonFire Racing, MSA Wheels, Wolf Designs and Trinity Racing
13:55 – KC HiLiTES, Inc.  www.kchilites.com
14:24 – Sarg with MTX Audio USA   www.mtx.com
16:10 – ICON Vehicle Dynamics  www.iconvehicledynamics.com
16:49 – Hi-Lift Jacks and Accessories   www.hi-lift.com

18:36 – Sand Limo By Joefab – AMAZING!!! 40 Year Old Bugs converted into masterpieces!!! Jettrim Seats, CBM Motorsports LS3 435, dynoed with 600 HSP to the tires, CBR Performance Products, Inc.. Probably weighs 2300 lbs!

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